164 skydivers set head-down world record in Illinois. Among them 5 Inflight Dubai / SkyDive Dubai instructors.

164 skydivers flying at 20,000 feet and 240mph set head-down world record in Illinois as they build largest-ever vertical skydiving formation. Seven aircraft were flown in precise formation to ensure that the skydivers de-planed at the right place, time and altitude. The record-breaking jumpers exited at 19,700 feet.

Jumpers traveled from around the world to take part including the UK, France, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Finland, the UAE and Venezuela. The team was selected after training camps across the U.S. and Spain, Australia.

Among them: Skynamic’s Dani, Matt and Simon; Skynamic is the official dynamic flying team of Inflight Dubai (indoor skydiving structure, based in Dubai). The whole team consists of Aussies Matt Munting & Ryan Dudderidge, Spaniard Dani Roman & Simon Whittle from Britain. Together with them: Inflight Dubai/Skydive Dubai instructors Naomi Kotzee and Ivan Semenyaka, and  Anas BekkaliNoah BahnsonVitor PiuPiu Benassi and Greg Shelton (always coming from Skydive / Inflight Dubai).

Four videographers – also accomplished skydivers – who flew above, below and beside the formation, were there to shoot the attempts, so the judges on the ground had evidence that the record was achieved.

It took 13 attempts to beat the 2012 mark set by 138 skydivers. The formation, resembling a giant flower, floated above Skydive Chicago in Ottawa for a matter of seconds before the flyers broke away, deployed their parachutes, and whooped and hollered their way to the ground to the jubilation of spectators.

3/4 of Skynamic are at chicago for the 170 way head down record... time for the first jump!
3/4 of Skynamic in Chicago for the +160 way head down record before the first jump!

Members of an international team of skydivers join hands flying head-down to build their world record skydiving formation on Friday, July 23, over Ottawa, Illinois

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