Company Setup in Dubai South Free Zone

The UAE’s free zones, since their beginning in the 1980s, provide a unique and highly desirable proposition for businesses to enjoy tax-free benefits (0% corporate and personal tax) and 100% import and export tax exemption. Incorporating your business in a Free Zone also allows 100% foreign ownership and complete control of your business with tax-free repatriation of revenue earnings with no currency restrictions. All these reasons make setting up a new company in the form of a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) an attractive option for many entrepreneurs in a wide range of business activities.

The advantages of setting up a company in a UAE free zone are many and choosing the right professional support makes the process far more straightforward. There are a number of different types of Free Zones in the UAE; some are sector specific, others accommodate a variety of businesses. Many happen to be in Dubai providing top class facilities and infrastructure for doing business that include high-grade commercial office spaces for export and import activities.

Yet, not all Free Zones are alike; in fact, each one of them has a different set of requirements, cost and legal structure. Choosing the right district depends on the short or long term objectives of the firm. Of the various Free Zones established in the Emirates, places like Dubai South Free Zone with no share capital required to set up a shop might be the right place.

But what are some of the advantages in setting up a company in Dubai South Free Zone? First of all, this free zone allows the establishment of a wide range of business activities, from IT to design, HR and e-trading. Setting up is affordable and allows businesses with a small starting budget to begin operations quickly.

Location is also a plus for the Dubai South Free Zone. Dubai is one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities where it is easy to do business. This zone is the closest to Expo 2020, a pivotal event in the area, and is widely accessible via land, sea or air.

Paperwork is also reduced to the minimum. Although procedures in the South Free Zone might not be as straightforward as in other areas, with the help of a professional it would be extremely easy to set up a business. Up to three visas are available without a physical office space and just a flexi-desk option; dependents visa also can be obtained in an uncomplicated way. Assistance is available to choose and setup a bank account.

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Company Setup in Dubai South Free Zone

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