Dubai Property: Floating Homes, a Newly-Developed Residence at Marasi Bay

‘Floating homes’ are another residential development plan in the making. Unlike the half-submerged Floating Seahorse project with ‘Underwater Residences,’ afloat luxury villas are being put up for sale off Dubai’s coast. Water homes are growing trends that shaped Dubai real estate in recent time. At this moment, there are a few Marasi floating homes ready for occupancy on the Dubai Water Canal.

Interested? Before you proceed with the purchase, learn more about this type of water-structed homes. Gulf News posted a video (length = 02:41min) about Dubai’s first floating homes: 7 things to know, to share who built them, the home design layout, number of bedrooms, how many years of warranty, type of classification for the residence.

The houses come with a private berth for small yachts, have a freehold title deed, are free of VAT and are expected to have a 50-year lifespan with adequate maintenance. They are also equipped with the most modern and technologically advanced mooring system on the market today.

Houses will be soon surrounded by floating restaurants being built in the marina, so owners will be soon be able to order a meal straight to their boat. Needless to say, even if these homes are on the water, some come with pools.

So, what’s it like to live in a floating residence on water? Well, these homes are ‘safe and comfortable for living’ because they’re kept in place using a mooring solution (SEAFLEX) to keep the floating structures stable and in position to account for waves in the water; thus, they will not dislodge or capsize if bad weather strikes.

The ‘floating real estate market’ is rising again thanks to happy customers who say they never want to move back to dry land. This explains the upsurge of developments, which are affordable and are already pushing buyers to these unique floating resorts being berthed at Marasi Business Bay, and more are getting built along the Dubai Canal.

Dubai floating house buyers that purchase Marasi Water Homes are told the units are being sold as freehold residences and will include a 10-year warranty, DP said in a statement, but no price has been released. Buyer can choose from two-, three- and four-bedroom layouts offering a truly urban lifestyle while on the water. The site “is well on track to becoming the city’s most sought-after waterfront destination,” says Dubai Properties Group.

Dubai Property: Floating Homes, a Newly-Developed Residence at Marasi Bay

Dubai Property: Floating Homes, a Newly-Developed Residence at Marasi Bay

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