Expat Entrepreneurs Are Growing in Dubai

Did you know that Dubai is one of the most welcoming countries for expatriate entrepreneurs? The UAE in general  is also ranked as one of the top 20 countries in the Quality of Life Index as a stable place to live, work and do business.

According to a report in Arabian Business, expats make up an estimated 75 per cent of the population of 9.5 million; many of them come to be employed, but more and more move to Dubai to develop their very own business, as young entrepreneurs and investors. Scores of start-ups are being formed in free zone areas which are considered among the most business-friendly environments in the world. Establishing businesses here is a smart move for both individual and corporate investors to engage in commercial activity as they offer special economic conditions like tax free, 100% foreign ownership and free customs duty benefits to expatriate investors.

Nowadays, many expats are moving to Dubai for the dream of starting their own business in an easier way, but it might not be so easy to navigate through all the requirements and regulations without the help of an expert. Contacting companies that are knowledgeable in setting up Free Zone companies in UAE can help getting the business running quicker and make sure all rules and regulations are obeyed and necessary features, like the right corporate bank account is taken care of in the best possible way.

A number of other requirements can be easily taken care of with the right help. DubaiBlog, for example can support businessmen in having a correct approach to trade with Dubai, UAE and the Arab Culture. The staff can also help professionals, businessmen, companies in developing their advertising, communication strategy, promote their brand and ensuring media coverage during events.

Dubai has much to offer for entrepreneurs with a vision and a drive to succeed; its easier red tape, tax breaks, infrastructure support, visibility are a great help for any businessman especially when just starting a company. In addition, the strategic position of the country, its hosting of major conference, festivals and events throughout the year make it the perfect place to promote an activity and make it visible throughout the globe. Contact us for more info on opportunities.

Expat Entrepreneurs Are Growing in Dubai

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