Life in the UAE: Expats Value Lifestyle and Opportunities

Today, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has transformed itself into a country of relative stability and prosperity and this is attracting expats from across the globe. In fact, the UAE has been voted as the preferred destination for expatriates, as told, one of the world’s largest expat communities, which has recently published a global ExpatInsider survey, the 2018 edition of the Best& Worst Places for Expats, showing why the country is among the preferred places for expats.

More than 70 per cent of the residents are expatriates, and many indicate as one of the reasons for living in the UAE the great support the country offers to newcomers. This is confirmed by an expat 2018 survey report released by HSBC that looks at human interests and life factors; the UAE is among the best places where expats felt most welcomed.Foreigners also value the security, wage growth, and good quality of life afforded by the emirates.

Foreigners that reside in one of the seven emirates feel a sense of belonging, and the country as a whole is often seen as a “land of opportunity” and Dubai and Abu Dhabi, especially, shine as an example of the kindest Arabic hospitality. Expats value the many recreation activities available to their family as well, of course, the opportunities for entrepreneurs and job seekers.

When deciding whether to take the plunge and move to the UAE’s most famous emirates, it is important to research as many info as possible so as to be prepared to the pros and inevitable cons that such a move entail. Explore the 5 reasons to live in Dubai as well as the 5 reasons why you may not like Dubai and 5 reasons why you may not like Abu Dhabi which highlight what to look forward to and what are some drawbacks for tourists and expats alike.

Once a decision is made and the move is complete, it is important to take advantage of any opportunities to network and learn more about the country.

An event not to be missed is the Expats Fair

Date: 22-23 Feb 2019  

Venue: Emirates Golf Club, Dubai, UAE

This event allows expats to meet with key companies in an informal setting to help establish life abroad and meet other members of the expat community.

The UAE is among the highest-ranking Gulf states for making expats feel at home. This is why so many foreigners feel positive about transferring here and not in other Gulf countries. As the UAE has developed into an international business hub with perks for employers and employees alike, many expats in the UAE have embarked on their careers with tax-free income or have been able to setup their own business especially in any of the available free zones. Lots of foreign persons have found it surprisingly easy to settle in and establish their business or start-up. That, coupled with ample opportunities for an active social life, accounts for the level of satisfaction is normally recorded within the UAE expat community. 

Life in the UAE: Expats Value Lifestyle and Opportunities

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