Moving to Dubai: The Cost of Living as an Expat

More expats today are temporarily/permanently relocating to the United Arab Emirates and, in particular, have  opted to live and work in Dubai after finding an interesting job or opening a business in the emirate.

“Dubai Visitor Numbers Rise by More Than 10 Percent in First Half of 2017,” reported In fact, “[the number of foreign tourists] rose by 10.6 percent to 8.06 million,” Dubai’s tourism department said. Many of these visitors often come back for much longer stays.

Many expats moving to Dubai to live do so looking for a comfortable lifestyle with high-end living options available or to work in a virtually tax-free country with good salaries, job opportunities.

Foreigners make up roughly 90 percent of Dubai’s residents; according to statistics there are as many as 9,000 U.S. citizens residing in the emirate.

If you too are considering a move to Dubai, do consider that the cost of living in the emirate can be high. In fact, according to Mercer’s 2017 Cost of Living Survey, Dubai is among the world’s most pricey cities for expatriates to live in. Furthermore, the emirate is the second highest-priced area among Middle Eastern cities for expatriates. The figures for Mercer’s survey is based on the cost of living, currency, housing and other accommodation as well as inflation for household goods and services, etc.

According to Numbeo, a four-person family monthly costs are 3,125.49 U.S. dollars (11,479.98AED) without rent. A one bedroom apartment in the city center could cost 7,238.50 AED and up to 14,357.58 AED for a 3 bedroom. Buying would cost 1,511.57 AED  per Square Feet. The average monthly net salary is estimated to be 12,457.75 AED.

Dubai is on the list of most expensive locations for working abroad and yet expats are moving to the emirates in scores for better work prospects as a number of jobs are now offering bigger take home salary than many other countries, as affirmed by Emirates 24|7 in an article about the UAE being a topmost global destination for employment opportunities; several multinationals have decided to establish themselves in Dubai and offer compensation that makes life in the emirate plenty affordable.

If you are planning a move to Dubai do your homework first and be sure to Email us for valuable tips and business advices.

Moving to Dubai: The Cost of Living as an Expat

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