Nico de Corato’s 140-km solo ultra-marathon in Dubai

Nico de Corato, CEO and founder of the DubaiBlog Network has attempted a one-of-a-kind, solo challenge: a 140 km ultra-run to celebrate UAE’s National Day. Nico, an Italian who resides in Dubai, showed the Emirates what he’s got and completed the grueling run in just over twenty-three hours! He finished this incredible challenge despite suffering from knee pain which required ice packs to reduce swelling.

Nico’s achievement was not the result of chance but of careful preparation. He followed a rigorous pre-race training plan and made lifestyle changes before the ultra-marathon in preparation for the big day. His approach included nutrition, physical training and mental preparation.

On December 1st, the run began at Bab Al Shams resort in al Qudra and ended at the Union Flag of Jumeirah, Dubai’s iconic giant flag near Etihad Museum the following day. Nico was greeted by friends, family and supporters who were justifiably bursting with pride at his achievement. He not only completed an incredible endeavor but he also managed to design a route that showcased many beautiful sites to honor the emirate and all it has to offer in terms of culture and landscape.

Speaking to Sport360 ahead of the event Nico said that, “People say I’m crazy, and maybe I am, but it’s my way to celebrate what a great country we live in.” Nico also stated that “running a distance like this is more of a mental game than physical.” Training for a challenge of this kind has a lot to do with his mindset and willpower in accomplishing such an objective, in addition, of course, to appropriate endurance training. Nico set his mind to succeed and nevertheless was able to complete a feat of this magnitude despite challenges and difficulties he met along the way.

As Rachel McArthur, Red Bull UAE, noted: Nico de Corato’s 140-km solo ultra-marathon in Dubai inspired him to take on new forms of training. For example, he got the idea to train with a horse in prep of running the ultra-distance. This innovative and open-minded approach to training has definitely helped him complete this feat and really shows that “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Nico is not new to incredible endeavors both in his professional and sportsman’s life but this is now the single greatest sport accomplishment in his athletic life, Nico’s 140-km solo run (a journey followed via the hashtag #UltraRunDubai) tested to the limits his own fitness abilities.

Nico was proud to be able to commemorate the 47th UAE National Day celebrations in such a unique way and honored to be part of this great country.

A very well deserved congrats for Nico’s high-determination in completing such a challenge!

Nico de Corato’s 140-km solo ultra-marathon in Dubai
Nico de Corato’s 140-km solo ultra-marathon in Dubai

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