Ramadan 2015 in Dubai for American Tourists and Residents

Ramadan 2015 in Dubai – What it Means for American Tourists and ResidentsToday the Holy Month of Ramadan 2015 (1436 year of Hijri  calendar) is starting. This year, Ramadan in Dubai is set to start June 18th and end July 16th. Same starting day also in US. During this period, Muslims must fast from dawn until sunset. During those hours, they need to refrain from consuming food and drinking liquids. Fasting is obligatory. However, this does not apply to non-Muslims; they do not need to fast during Ramadan.

The Beginning of Ramadan is typically a day (or more) after the astronomical new moon; since the islamic calendar is based on the lunar phases the beginning of the new month, Muslims can only estimate the beginning of Ramadan; even though more recently some Muslims are leaning towards using astronomical calculations to avoid this confusion.

Visitors holidaying in Dubai or residents / expats during the period of Ramadan are respectfully asked to be considerate of those who are taking part in the religious practice. Although fasting is not required for non-Muslims, they should respect the feelings of Muslims by not eating, drinking or smoking in public places such as streets and workplaces.

Recently, the United States Embassy enjoyed its annual 4th of July celebration on June 4, one month early, in order to respect the upcoming Ramadan month in the UAE.

Ramadan, regarded as the holiest month in the Islam calendar, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month in which the Quran was revealed. It is an important period of great religious significance for Muslims. This is also the time when residents of different nationalities come together to share the spirit through Ramadan-related activities. A number of educational cultural activities are available to educate the public on how to conduct oneself during this holy month.

Also, as part of the religious practice, Muslims need also to restrain from smoking, engaging in sexual relations and show behavior that could be perceived as sinful, such as swearing, engaging in disagreements, backbiting and procrastination.

In addition, the Islamic month of Ramadan is also a time for prayers; many will engage in extra morning and nightly prayers. Everyone is also encouraged to read the entire Quran during this period.

Ramadan is also time when Muslims practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and show empathy for those who are less fortunate; thus actions of generosity (helping those in need) and charity (giving money to the poor) are encouraged during the month.

Those still unfamiliar with the developments of the Ramadan will find it as easy learnt through either experience or advice. All Muslims should prepare themselves to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan. To maximize their Ramadan experience, some Muslims are increasingly turning to social media, such as Twitter, to connect with others of their faith during Ramadan where interested readers receive tweets about daily routines. The platform normally brings important daily events and festive content to Muslims from around the world. Many go on Twitter to share their Ramadan experiences. Twitter usage is expected to increase during Ramadan with Muslims tweeting each other and using social support and theological advice.

The most common greeting during the Ramadan is: رمضان مبارك (Ramadan mubaarak) or  رمضان كريم (Ramadan Kareem).
The literal translation is ” Ramadan is generous” and it means that Ramadan is full of good and blessings.
Its standard response is الله أكرم (Allahu Akram) which means “God is even more generous”.

So to all the Muslim Followers we wish:

رمضان كريم

(Ramadan Kareem)

Ramadan Mubarak

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