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How much do you know about the ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies Inc? This is a ride-sharing company very similar to Careem, a start-up headquartered in the United Arab Emirates which operates in the Middle East and Asia, but Uber which launched services in 2013 plans to be the number one mover of people in Dubai. This can only be possibly with more business of several operating Uber ride and drive services to become available in the emirate.

Uber in the UAE offers residents and tourists a reliable, safe and convenient way to get around the city.

Drivers go through an application process to use the Uber platform. The company is determined to improve access to transportation, promote its brand image and build rider loyalty. It might be the right time to dive in and join it in Dubai—the commercial and tourist hub of the UAE.

Ready to Start Your Uber Business? Begin, by finding out more details about Uber.

Uber is just about everywhere now, but there is a need for more Uber partners who want to be drivers; applicants must have an Emirates ID and a valid UAE commercial driver’s license to apply. Applicants will be screened to ensure they have a clean driving record. Those who are hired as Uber drivers can either choose to use their own car or the company’s assigned vehicle while getting paid in fares for driving on their own schedule, as an independent contractor. Sounds interesting? The first step is to sign up; share some of the mentioned documents online, then receive an invitation for an in-person training session to show you how to navigate the Uber platform. This will be followed by details about driving conditions, licensing, coverage requirements and insurance types, coupled with average earnings for each type of job.

If you choose to be among the rideshare drivers with Uber – be it using the Uber app to find riders or interested in partnering with Uber – this opportunity is growing quickly because of the earning potential and flexible schedule. This is a suitable alternative to being a taxi, bus, or limo chauffeur to work on a set schedule.

The right candidate will have a passion for Uber, will have extensive experience as a driver of passengers, and is able to pass a driving record check along with a background and security check. English is required and Arabic is a key advantage.

Uber’s business model and drive in the UAE shows no signs of slowing down, tells Bernd Debusmann Jr., Chief Reporter at Arabian Business. Chris Free, general manager, Uber UAE said more products such as UberONE, an electric vehicle, and initiatives, like that of the in-App Chat that has also been launched to allow drivers and riders to coordinate the pick-up faster, are underway to improve the Uber experience for drivers using the Uber app by just a click of a button.

Anthony Khoury, the general manager of Uber Middle East tells Arabian Business that Uber will further its expansion in the UAE ahead of Dubai Expo 2020 for consumer access to affordable transportation which mean one thing: opportunities.  In line with its commitment to deliver the best customer service, adding Dubai Taxi Limo to Uber App will provide passengers a reliable, safe and suitable transport in the city.

No other ride-sharing app offers so much freedom and flexibility to be a driver whenever you have time, day or night, 365 days a year. Just be familiar with the new regulations imposed by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on ride-hailing services from a both a rider and driver standpoint that includes an additional AED3 booking fee that will apply.

“In Dubai, Uber plans to continue pushing UberX as an affordable transportation option, helping more people travel to and from the emirate’s transportation deserts,” Khoury says. He goes on to say that “Uber will continue to work with regulators to help Uber expand into other parts of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, where services were suspended in August 2016.”

All told, becoming an Uber driver can be your best bet to earn money on your own schedule; so, anyone considering it, should check Uber’s requirements for their car to see if they meet their standards; in alternative, accepted applicants can rent a car through Uber’s vehicle marketplace. Find out more in how it works and how to sign up today to drive for Uber at

What’s next? Well, in the near future, one can expect to see an Uber self-driving car (autonomous vehicle) transform the auto industry, and transportation in general. Meanwhile, the emergence of AVs is undergoing rigorous testing (with safety drivers behind the wheel to ensure safety moving on public roads) which is the reason for its setbacks and delays for commercialization of Uber vehicles operating in autonomous mode.

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