Snorkeling in UAE – Choose the Right Gear

The UAE is not just desert adventures, futuristic buildings, malls, amusement parks and extreme activities. It is also a wonderful place to explore marine beauty. In fact, there is such a lively marine life to make it a go-to place for divers and snorkelers.

You do not have to drive very far from Dubai or Abu Dhabi to find the perfect spots! Reefs and shallow waters rich in aquatic life are available at Ras Ghurab Island and Al Dabiya. Travel to the East, towards Fujairah to explore natural reefs along the coast. Snorkelers can have fun swimming over coral at Dibba Rock as well as visit sites like Martini Rock, Sharm Rocks, and Shark Island.

So, if you are heading to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you might want to pack the right gear to enjoy all the emirates can offer. The newest snorkeling masks can really help you embrace the experience and dive without worries to enjoy the landscape freely. Full face masks are growing in popularity for a very good reason: they are so much easier to use than a regular mask and snorkel. This type of gear can truly make the user concentrate only on what there is to see and less on the use of the gear.

Sure, full masks can have some issues if not properly designed. If they fill with water, they can prevent the user from breathing, but a well-constructed mask has safety precautions in place for safe use. The best masks are specifically designed to be used for diving on the surface, so that the wearer can be breathing naturally through their nose and mouth while exhaled air is vented through appropriate valves. Please note that this type of masks however should not be used by younger children; always check the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When searching for the right mask, make sure to check for safety features like valves that close off the snorkel tube when submerged and that re-open upon returning to the surface for effortless breathing. Check also that all retaining straps are soft, comfortable but firm, and that the full-face allows for a perfect seal on the face. Ensure the gear also has anti-fog properties and is made of anti-allergic, high-quality material for safety and durability.

The field of vision is also important. a 180° view is premium and allows for a much better snorkeling experience. Also ensure that the mask is available in various sizes, so as to find the perfect fit for any family member.

Snorkeling is an experience that’s great for anyone who is beginning to enjoy the underwater life by exploring the water’s surface; thanks to the newest full diving mask, fun is even easier as the wearer can just breathe normally through mouth or nose without worrying about safety thanks to safety valves that prevent the entry of water in the event of an accidental immersion.

Snorkeling in UAE – Choose the Right Gear

Snorkeling in UAE – Choose the Right Gear

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