Social Media Week Dubai Returns in November

Add the dates to your calendar! Social Media Week returns to Dubai on 13-17 November 2017. This is the biggest social media event to hit the shores of the emirate.

Social networks are today a substantial part of every marketing strategy for business growth. For years, social media have been used as a business tool to help grow a customer base; this is possible thanks to the amount of exposure content gets online on any social media platform.

Any individuals or businesses seeking solutions on how to spread awareness of their products and services might want to take a look at the event program and plan to participate. This is a great opportunity to push one’s social media effort and learn new methodologies and tactics as well as network with a wide range of professionals.

“Attendees will have a chance to see what will be trending in the world of social media as well as share successes and failures with others,” says Dawn Gribble, the Communications Director Social Media Week Dubai.

Learn about the future of social media and discover the advantages of using social media to market a business which includes:

  • To increase brand awareness and exposure.
  • To improve networking opportunities with customers and other businesses.
  • To build engagement and customer connections.
  • To link the businesses activities with sponsors and partners.
  • To grow a customer base and develop loyal fans that bring site traffic.
  • To create a supportive network.

Social Media Week (SMW) is the largest, leading worldwide conference that draws in all aspects of the world of social media and embraces those using them for personal purposes to those using them for business. As noted the organizers, “[SMW] brings together thought leaders and practitioners to explore how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world. This brings unlimited opportunities to businesses and individuals in spreading their brand as well as endless opportunities in making a bigger name for themselves.”

The organizers of the Social Media Week Dubai have announced the speakers at the event including several social influencers, entrepreneurs and influential social media figures like Nico de Corato, the Visionary Owner of DubaiBlog, who is a subject matter expert with over 10 experience in computer science teaching, web and social media marketing and IT consultancy and strong communication and organizational skills. Contact Dubai Blog for web marketing consulting, social media campaigns, communication strategy, brand promotion, media coverage and much more.

For more info, or check the agenda or see what speakers will participate, visit There, guests can register their interest to attend and buy tickets. Early Entry Tickets for Social Media Week Dubai will soon be available.

Social Media Week Dubai Returns in November

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