Summer in UAE: Keep Hydrated in the Right Way

Doctors advise that most adults should drink approximately two liters of water a day; actual quantities vary according to age, weight, medical conditions and temperatures. With the summer’s months upon us, it is normal to dissipate heat somehow and to regulate and stabilize the body temperature by sweating, which, of course, causes water loss; fluids need to be replenished. Not any water would do however.

It is important to find a water that can be consumed in large quantity and with a degree of purity apt to satisfy quench without disrupting the organism’s balance. A water like MonViso, for example, guarantees the lowest sodium levels and total dissolved solids and can be the drink of choice for all people (as it’s safe for consumption in large quantities) including infants.

MonViso springs in the Italian Alps at 2042 meters of altitude, away from pollution and any human settlements, and is bottled in BPA-free bottles.

However MonViso water is not just an excellent option to beat the Summer heat. The company is also heavily involved in the life of the UAE community. In fact, it sponsors several events including sports days, marathons, exhibitions, festivals and award ceremonies. In particular between the hundreds of events sponsor, you can find XDubai, Xyoga, Nass Sport and SkyDive.

MonViso is also present on the side of runners and competitors in general and is often present at water stations in events across the UAE and abroad. Recently, in fact, Nico de Corato, founder and owner of DubaiBlog Network counted on MonViso to support him during the muddy and slippery 20 kilometers of the Cortina SkyRace 2017 in the Italian Alps.

But it’s not all about water, heat and sports. MonViso has programs like the MonViso Brand Ambassador (register through that can help earning extra cash. The program ensures a 10% commission on all purchases made by direct – first – level customers and 5% on the purchases of indirect – second-level customers.

MonViso is also making a difference in a humanitarian way and is paying forward. “Take Water, Give Life” is a donation program, involving the hospitality and retail sales, that was created jointly with the Al Jalila Foundation, the global philanthropic organization founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and dedicated to transforming lives through medical education and research. The organization covers topics like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and mental health. For every 1 liter of water sold, MonViso donates 1 AED to Al Jalila Foundation.

Summer in UAE: Keep Hydrated in the Right Way

Summer in UAE: Keep Hydrated in the Right Way

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