The Museum Group: Must-See Exhibits

There is no better place to experience the varied UAE historical heritage than The Museum Group (TMG), a historical center, which includes The Crossroads of Civilizations Museum, Rare Books, Manuscripts & Prints Museum, and The Armory Museum.

The center houses artefacts from various beliefs, religions and areas and is a great place to learn aspects significant to the overall history of humanity.

TMG’s mission is to put on display how human civilizations had flourished and progressed at various dimensions. The Museum’s prized exhibits give onlookers an understanding of the cultural differences between societies and can truly help future generations and peoples from different cultures and appreciation for other civilizations and nations appreciate the benefits of diversity – at the very least!

In fact, “through its collection, The Museum Group aims to provide an opportunity for future generations to reflect on the beauty of diversity, to be able to understand and accept the perspectives of others bringing them closer together in spite of their differences, and underlining the historical values that trading between past civilizations forged – namely tolerance and mutual respect.” (Source:

Without further ado, A visit to the Museum…


Crossroads of Civilizations Museum (CCM)

CCM is an award winning private museum that opened its doors on January 27th, 2014. Visitors will find rich historical artifacts from different cultures and civilizations on display. The focus is on the crossroad of global trade routes and on the world travelers that ensured early cultural exchanges between Europe, Africa and Asia. The Museum also has a rich collection of historical coins.

Visitors will be able to see examples of local, regional and royal artifacts, as well as writings, maps and drawings of explorers and travelers who explored the region; the gallery, in fact, hosts a number of journals, diaries and drawings.

Do be sure to get a copy of CCM group bespoke brochure (available in five languages, in soft and hard back) on your shopping list! Also, you might consider listening to The Museum audio guide podcasts on SoundCloud.


Rare Books, Manuscripts & Prints Museum

This gallery showcases valuable old books, prints, autographs and rare manuscripts, which document the most important events in the world.

There are many old prints from the early fields of science from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East that are definitely worth a look.


The Armory Museum

On display are swords and daggers; some of the blades are made of gold, jeweled with precious stones and with handles of different designs.

The gallery also exhibits helmets and shields, as well as saddles, spears and arrows of historical value.

Also, there’s Ottoman pistols and guns of the eighteenth century, plus ancient rifles from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to admire.

Military history enthusiasts will be able to see exotic weaponry from different conflicts over the years.


Documentation & Reference Office

This is a dedicated area with the most important historical scientific, political and military documents, manuscripts, books and rare reports about the region. It is a place for researchers, students and academicians to discover historical records and maps from different colonial powers; WWI diaries and WWII media and intelligence records; official political and legal archives; extensive literature on the evolution from tribalism to modern states.


The Gift Shop

Visitors looking for a postcard to commemorate their visit to The Museum Group shall make their final stop at the Gift Shop that has various items from the region at affordable prices. In addition, they will not want to miss seeing the collection of daggers, pearls, gemstones, jewelry and more.


Opening Hours:

Saturday – Thursday:  8.00 am – 8.00 pm (check website for Ramadan timing)

Entry Fee: AED 30 per ticket (includes all three museums)

Special Price and Arrangements: AED 15 for Groups of 15 visitors or more. For groups of 100+ please contact the facility. Tel: +971 4 393 4440 / Fax: +971 4 393 00 69 / Email:

FREE Entry: for Children under 10 years old, and disabled visitors + one care provider



Makani #: 27703 95540

P.O. Box 46298, Al Khaleej Road

Sheikh Hasher Al Maktoum House

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Museum Group: Must-See ExhibitsThe Museum Group: Must-See Exhibits

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