UAE – A Favorite Destination for Italian Businesses and Tourists

The UAE is home to over 200 nationalities! The country is especially a favorite for many Italians, visitors, tourists and expatriates that have fallen in love with this glamorous place – be it for the great weather, beautiful beaches, availability of work or other reasons. Many appreciate the sense of order and security as well as the peaceful living as well as the opportunity to pursue dreams. Just ask Nico de Corato, owner and founder of the DubaiBlog Network who knows all about the region. Read his 5 reasons to live in Dubai to have an idea of what are his main reasons to choose Dubai.

These days, thousands of Italians reside in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And the Emirates also serves as a business hub for Italian companies to cater to this growing group of consumers.

Also, “Italian businesses view the UAE as a strong platform to expand their footprint in other GCC countries,” as Italy looks abroad for new trade and investment opportunities that would benefit them, points out Khaleej Times in a post about UAE-Italy ties having forged strong bilateral relations over the years. The ties are clear also in the fact that “the UAE is among the top 15 foreign investors in Italy in terms of employees in foreign controlled companies,” as mentioned in an article.

Piergiorgio Borgogelli, CEO and managing director of the Italian Trade Agency, says the UAE is the most important market for Italy with €5.3 billion in Italian imports.” A great percentage comes from promoting Italian food products “Made in Italy” in the Gulf region.

To know more about business opportunities, feel free to contact us about what the UAE has to offer to foreign companies and investors.

Other entities to contact include the Italian Business Council Dubai (IBCD) that promotes the Italian companies and entrepreneurs that have active business operations within the UAE or the Italian Trade Agency in Dubai that promotes Italian SMEs in the region.

Also, contact either the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the UAE to apply for a visa or an entry permit, if not about obtaining info on a business license. Gather passport and immigration information before entering the UAE is recommended. For further info, including on visiting, studying, working or living in the Emirates can be addressed by the regional Italian embassy or consulate.


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