Vittorio Brumotti begins a Cycling Tour Adventure Across Italy

The Brumotti for Italy tour starts from Livigno this week. The event, sponsored by the FAI –  Fondo Ambiente Italiano – aims to create and promote a naturalistic and cultural itinerary (to include sport, art, history, nature, cuisine and solidarity) on two wheels, crossing the whole of Italy from north to south. Brumotti will take his touring bike on a route throughout the country carrying the essential front rack and bags with camping gear, awnings, food, and tech items such as a solar panel that’s perfectly capable of charging a smartphone.

Vittorio Brumotti will start from Livigno on Monday June 18 and will lead his tour from the Alps to the sea. The trip will end on July 6th with his arrival at the Garden of the Kolymbethra in the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento. The entire experience will be broadcasted online and on Brumotti’s social network official channels, so anyone will be able to discover the 19 stages of the journey day after day.

Vittorio Brumotti Cycling Tour will visit some the most beautiful places in Italy. So, if you’d like to enjoy a guided tour, be sure to tune in to watch him embark in the venture to explore some of the most famous regions of Italy as he rides his bike equipped with a constantly-run webcam to capture the sights and sounds of his adventurous expedition across the Italian Peninsula; prepare yourself to view 2,600 km in about 113 hours on the pedals and some unique spots that include a summit of 20,000 meters in altitude between the Alps and the Apennines.

Luca Moretti, president Apt Livigno, (a town in the province of Sondrio, in the region of Lombardy, Italy, located in the Italian Alps) is more than happy his city will accompany Vittorio Brumotti on his tour of Italy as a partner of the initiative, hosting the official start of the tour and supporting the project throughout its development: “We are proud to occupy a place of importance in this project. With Vittorio we have developed a relationship that has been going on for years; as many others, he has come to the Little Tibet to train and, year after year, has learned to appreciate, in addition to the many bike trails of our forests and the infrastructure dedicated to sports such as Aquagranda, also the traditions, gastronomy, the locals: we are honored that he has chosen to include Livigno as the first stage of this ambitious initiative that will touch some of the most iconic and representative places in Italy. ”

After the long bicycle journey tour, the Brumotti bicycle will be auctioned and the proceeds donated to the SMA Families association.

So who is Vittorio Brumotti? Born in Finale Ligure (Italy) and now living in Dubai (UAE), Brumotti is a renowned figure from Striscia la Notizia (an Italian television program) and, above all, a bike trial champion who is also a very talented stunt rider.

When he’s not attending bike events, Vittorio Brumotti is engaged in his bike riding activities on either a trial bike or Freestyle Road bike to promote this spectacular sport in the world. He is also the incredible holder of 10 Guinness World Records thanks to his talent; and in October 2012, Brumotti climbed Burj Khalifa (the tallest Dubai skyscraper in the world at 829.8 meters) on a bicycle in exactly two hours and 20 minutes, climbing 3700 steps.

Vittorio Brumotti, Cycling Tour, Adventure, Italy, Culture, Biking

Vittorio Brumotti, Cycling Tour, Adventure, Italy, Culture, Biking

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