Web Marketing Festival 2017: An Italian Event with a Global Reach

The fifth edition of the Web Marketing Festival is coming! This unique business and networking opportunity takes place on June 23-24 inside the Rimini Palacongressi (Via della Fiera 23, Rimini, Italy); several speakers, experts in digital marketing, are set to discuss emerging digital media practices and trends in 2017 and beyond.

The event aims at promoting opportunities relevant to the digital world, supporting creative and innovative ideas. Organizers expect to match and exceed the experience of 2016 with over 4,000 participants per day and are looking to confirm the format that has been so successful in previous editions.

Why attend? To learn how Web Marketing Has Impacted Business, get knowledge of digital transformation and social innovation, to grow professionally and to network with experts in the sector. Participants will get an understanding (or update their knowledge) of the value of Web Design, Branding, and Digital Marketing Experiences and their profound effect on how organizations and industries compete in new markets.

They will find out also how social media is changing everything about the way we do business through effective social networks and social media marketing activities. It’s an opportunity to learn new ways to exploit digital media and technology as well as visualize how integrated web marketing can create important connections between a desired audience and a business activity.

Of the many events on digital marketing and ecommerce, the Web Marketing Festival (WMF) is the one to attend as it combines Education, Music, Entertainment, Digital Professionals, Networking, Startup, Business and Innovation all in one setting. This is the most complete event with 38,000 sq. mt. of workshops, debates, case studies and conferences. This is why DubaiBlog will be media partner of the event and will ensure coverage of the 2-day festival.

WMF 2017 is also aimed at reviving the ideas and digital projects by individuals, teams, startups and other companies. Innovation Made in Italy will be at the center of many programs including the startup competition that will involve investors like  Tim#WCAP, Digital Magics, IBAN, The Hive, Capital, Luiss EnLab and Almacube.

The Web Marketing Startup Competition is aimed at young companies and innovative business projects developers seeking support. Competitors will have to deliver an “elevator speech” to promote the key elements of their business ideas. Companies have up until 26 May to enroll their projects and participate to the competition and only the best six ideas will be presented at the WMF. Applications will be judged on how realistic is the creation of the project, the competence of the team, the degree of innovation, how it meets the market demands and potentials as business.

But competitions are not the only reasons to be at the WMF. All participants will have a chance to learn about many aspects of the trade and ways to further their business. An extensive training program and over 20 themed rooms, from Social Media Marketing to Web Analytics, as well as Content Marketing to Ecommerce and SEO, will keep visitors busy and engaged throughout the two days.

The inclusion of two new rooms: “Branding” and “Programmatic” can help bring brands directly to their ideal customers and learn how campaigns across social media channels can be more aligned to their customer base. You’ll see what structure works and how to work a budget that includes effective investing in social advertising to drive awareness and engagement.

Fun will also be present at the Web Marketing Festival in Rimini with a Rock Contest in partnership with Virgin Radio, The WMF Awards, artists’ entertainment, and WMF Comics with talents illustrating the two-day festivals in comics strips.

All available info on the Web Marketing Festival can be viewed at https://www.webmarketingfestival.it/. Alternatively, email info@riminipalacongressi.it. For a ticket (Price to Attend: Euro 99+VAT for the two days), visit https://www.webmarketingfestival.it/acquista/ to attend and be at the forefront of new products, designs and technologies emerging in the field.

And of course, make sure to follow DubaiBlog, media partner of the event, for news and info on the festival. See you there!

Web Marketing Festival 2017: An Italian Event with a Global Reach

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